Stop Grow™ Hair Growth Inhibitor

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A clinical study of the Stop Grow® Hair Growth body hair inhibitor formula found it reduced unwanted body hair in men by up to 69%. Stop Grow worked magic for women, too. They enjoyed an 82% reduced need to shave their legs. Best yet, it's painless, because it naturally inhibits body hair during the anagen, or growth phase, where the Stop Grow formula gets to work. You can use Stop Grow to reduce unwanted body hair anywhere and of any color. In men that might be the chest or back, in women the underarms, upper lip, or other areas. Stop Grow gives you that choice and a body you're proud to show.

Stop Grow™ Hair Growth Inhibitor

$49.95 $59.95
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Get ready to shave less and show more of your hair-free body! Stop Grow‘s new, all-natural formula is clinically proven to reduce body hai…

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Get Ready To Shave Less And Show More Of Your Hair-Free Body!

Ever been out in public and an especially hairy guy is showing just a little too much?

You don't have to be that man. Or the woman with stubble or embarrassing growth that attracts unwanted attention. The reason? A new, all-natural formula called Stop Grow™ that is clinically proven to reduce body hair by up to 69%.

Not a hair removal method, Stop Grow™ prevents body hair during the anagen, or growth phase within the follicle, in which new research shows that body hair can be persuaded not to grow.

This means:

  • unwanted body hair becomes sparse
  • growth becomes shorter and less noticeable
  • reduced need to wax or shave
  • less body hair of any color
  • an ultra-convenient way to get rid of body hair

And there's one more thing. Unlike hair removal methods, which are generally area specific, you can use Stop Grow™ to remove hair where ever you choose.

You rub it on and body hair goes away. How's that for convenient?

Introducing Stop Grow™: A Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor

Stop Grow™ isn't a hair removal method. And it's not a depilatory cream either.

Rather than using harsh chemicals to get rid of body hair, Stop Grow™ uses a new, natural and as studies show, very effective formula to inhibit and prevent unwanted growth.

For example, Decelerine® is a derivative of lauric acid, which can be found in coconut oil. In a European study, women applied a 3% concentration of Decelerine® and enjoyed a notable 82% reduced need to shave their legs.

There's also Telocapil®, another botanical-based topical compound. Designed to inhibit tyrokinase activity of the IGF-1 receptor during the anagen phase of body hair, a 2% concentration of Telocapil® is proven to reduce body hair in 93% of people who use it, after roughly two months.

And Pilisoft®. From the gymnema sylvestre herb of central India, this botanical compound reduces cellular activity within the follicle and is linked to 69% less body hair in people who use it.

It's not necessary to use chemicals or painful electrolysis or laser hair removal when there's an effective, painless and natural way to get rid of unwanted body hair…

To the point that some people don't need to shave or wax at all while using Stop Grow™!

Stop Grow™ For Women

Ladies, if you're used to shaving and waxing, you know the routine. Stubble. Cuts and razor burns or the pain of wax treatments. Then it's needed all over again.

And you probably know that body hair needs a specific removal treatment for certain locations. Razors for the legs, perhaps, and plucking the eyebrows. Laser hair removal can only be done with dark growth as well and can trigger dark spots on your complexion…

You can use Stop Grow™ anywhere. It's just as effective on your legs as it is to remove hair on your upper lip or underneath your arms.

Or perhaps some of your more private areas. Stop Grow™ is proven to reduce the need to shave or remove hair in the groin area by up to 70%.

In fact, you should buy Stop Grow™ if for no other reason than the amount of money (and time!) you'd otherwise spend on additional waxing and other hair removal treatments!

Stop Grow™ For Men

You know that hairy guy who usually wears a tank top when he's out in public? Well, he does get a lot of attention…

But it's not the kind you want – studies show that 70% of women prefer their man at least trim his excess body hair. Some areas they prefer hair-free, like the back and posterior.

Stop Grow™ allows you to get rid of the body hair you choose, where ever you like. You can just thin out some areas, like the chest. Or you can go for a full-on blitz of the growth you want to prevent.

Where ever you choose to deal with your body hair, Stop Grow™ will help you do it.

And considering that guys tend to get hairier with age, you should consider using Stop Grow™ simply to protect against future unflattering growth you want to avoid!

Try Stop Grow™ Risk-Free

Stop Grow™ is going to help you get rid of unwanted body hair. We don't just promise that, we deliver.

If you're not convinced that Stop Grow™ is the most gentle, convenient and effective way to prevent body hair and give you a body you're happy to show…

Just return the product within 90 days for a full refund of monies paid minus shipping and handling.

How can we make this generous offer? Simple, we stand by Stop Grow™. We've seen what it does to prevent excessive body hair and how it can boost the confidence of clients who use it.

We guarantee the results you want with Stop Grow™. Not pleased? Return it and your money's refunded. Pretty simple, and very fair!

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